Bird seed packed in 
Handmade bags with built-in spout!

Bag is designed to make it easier to carry and pour your bird seed,
each bag is handmade with a handle and a plastic spout!

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2 Pack 6 lb each (no cap) 

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To purchase our bags please visit Amazon

Peace of mind in your backyard


 Spout it Out®

QVC 2020

Built-in spout

+ Controlled dispensing

+ No spilling, No more scooping  


Built-in handle

+ Easy carrying, Light handling


Plastic cap on tip of spout

+ Keeps the seeds fresh

By Pour Bag

Patented Bags:

US patent numbers D780595, D852642 & D790985. Other patents pending

Canada – Registered industrial designs – Number 176376 and 176377.
Europe Reg. Design no. 003620525-0001. Other patents pending


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