Vetted US Craftsmen

We handpicked the best US Craftsmen  

  1. We visited their workshop and met them.
  2. We saw how they produce their amazing crafts.
  3. We checked the product quality.
  4. We made sure they offer customization.
  5. We checked how they pack the products for better shipping.
  6. We make sure they are responsible for their products when issues occur.

With us, you can buy directly from REAL US Craftsmen!

Some sellers out there can be:
1. US companies that import from other countries (like China or India for example) and claim it is made in the US.

2. US companies who buy from wholesalers and keep reselling the products to you, they don’t even know who made these products.

3. Foreign companies who just registered a company in the US but keep shipping & selling their own products from overseas.

      These sellers can even be using our images so be aware.

Why is it important to buy only from US Craftsmen?

Support US craftsmen!
Many overseas companies (especially from China) are just copying the US craftsmen’s artwork, US craftsmen create amazing products and they just stealing it and even using the same images! don’t let that happen!
Support US Craftsmen instead of these overseas companies.

We can stand behind the products!

Peace of mind - We know the craftsmen so we can stand behind their products, we will take care of anything related to your desired products, so you don’t need to deal with anyone else.

One stop shop - We will take care of inquiries, orders, returns, refunds, and even shipping & deliveries.

Customization - We will also work on your requirements directly with the craftsman.

Customer service – Our customer service is fast and reliable, we will try our best to provide you with quick reply to your questions and to resolve any order relates issue.

We can offer all products out there 
We may lose some sales, but we don’t care! 


You deserve to get better!
Get your crafts only from US Craftsmen

Support US Craftsmen

Craftsmen list:

  1. Dan G, Nine points PA
  2. Leo B, Fair Lawn NJ
  3. Shawn P. Youngsville NC
  4. Don L. N. Attleboro MA
  5. Lee L, Shipshewana IN
  6. Amos B, Closter NJ
  7. Jake F, Ronks PA
  8. Ricki W, Wilson NC
  9. Aaron A, Paradise PA
  10. Steven S, Gordonville PA
  11. Amos S, Gap PA

And more…

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