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Natural Gourmet Blend

+ Loaded with high-oil seeds

+ Milo-Free!

+ Attracts the largest variety of wild birds

All Natural, Milo-free, Gourmet Blend

Our wild bird food blend is specially formulated to attract the largest variety of wild birds during all seasons and in all regions. 

A Variety of Ingredients for a Variety of Birds Different birds prefer different types of seeds. 

This special blend contains a variety of delicious ingredients to attract seeds-eating birds of all sizes. See below ingredient list.                                              


* Smaller ingredients such as white millet, red millet, cracked corn, sunflower chips, Nyjer® and canary seeds are great for attracting birds like finches, sparrows, Juncos, chickadees, titmice, and doves.

Larger seeds and nuts such as black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds and peanuts are great for attracting larger birds like cardinals, woodpeckers, jays, grosbeaks, nuthatches and more.

Black oil sunflower seeds are the #1 most desired seeds of wild birds. This blend contains a large percentage of black oil seeds in the form of both shelled sunflower seeds and hulled sunflower hearts and chips. It also contains safflower seeds, another wild bird favorite. Birds of all sizes can enjoy the oil seeds in our blend.

Crude Protein (min) 12.0 %. Crude Fat (min) 20.0%. Crude Fiber (max) 12.0%.