Large copper roof houses / feeders

For large copper roof houses and feeders

The roof:

1. Spray1
The roof are sprayed with a lacquer coating, specifically for copper, for keeping the roof bright for a long time, but if you live in areas with salty air, too hot, and too much sun, it will not hold up for a long time (the salt air eventually eats through the lacquer)

2. Screws
- Some houses and feeders have 2 screws, the bigger ones have 4.
- The screws are mainly to hold the roof steady while shipping, but, if you have a winter storm, raccoons etc when the roof can fall off, then it is better to put the screws on, but in backyards, usually there is no need for that, for the fill, yes just take the roof off,
There are 2 screws on either side, remove the screws and then the roof will lift off. Should only be 2

If you don’t see the bracket: It is there!
For shipping purposes, we take the roof and put it at the bottom of the feeder or house to protect it, just unwrap it and you'll see the mounting bracket, then just put the roof on the other side.

* This info is not appreciable to a few of our large houses/feeders, if you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us.