Mounting Instructions mailbox

How to mount your mailbox

  1. You can find mailbox post at any home improvement store or on our shop.
    * Pressure-treated post is recommended. 
  1. Mount post into the ground using concrete.  
  1. If you mount the post only inside the soil, please make sure to mount it 2 ft inside the ground and to pack the dirt hard enough! 
  1. To connect mailbox to post,
    A. Use screws for inner holes, there are 2 holes inside the mailbox, you will need to use 2” deck screw (not included).

    B. A better and more protective way, is to use four 2” x 2” corner brackets (not included) as follows:
    1. Measure the post width (usually 3.5" - 4")
    2. Use the center of the bottom part of the mailbox as a mark, from there move the mark to half of the post width and place 2 brackets on that side
    * For example, if the post is 4” W, then mark the bracket location 2” from each side of the center of the bottom part of the mailbox


    3. Use 2 brackets on each side of the bottom part of the mailbox (total 4)
    4. Place the mailbox with the brackets on the post and use screws (not included) to attach them to the mailbox post.
    * You can always use more corner brackets for better protection